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May 17th, Telecommunications and Information Society Day

May 17th was declared Telecommunications and Information Society Day by the ITU, the International Telecommunication Union.

This has been celebrated every year on May 17 for 53 years. The main purpose of this celebration is to commemorate the creation of the ITU and also to commemorate the signing of the first Telegraph Convention that took place in 1865.

2022 Celebration Theme

Each year the theme of the celebration is different. This year the main theme of the celebration is "Accelerating Digital Transformation in Challenging Times and Changing Demographics". And this theme is linked to what we have been suffering these last two years: -The pandemic.

For this reason, the theme of this new celebration that takes place today May 19, 2022 was decided in consequence of the global pandemic that affected the entire world's population. COVID-19 demonstrated how important information and communication technologies are in people's daily lives. Therefore, the role of computing and telecommunication in both a work and non-work context and in relation to other individuals was taken into account.

It has been concluded that it is of major importance to continue developing the telecommunications sector in order to promote a transformation in the digital area.

Giving rise to telecommunications as a very important aspect in today's societies. The aim of the celebration of the Telecommunications and Information Society Day is to raise awareness of the different possibilities that the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies can bring to economies and societies. It is also important to take into account the possibility of reducing the digital divide between them.

From LDNetworks and together with LDTelecom we support and promote innovative ideas to collaborate with the development of new technologies without leaving aside the traditional processes necessary for the implementation of a system that is functional, innovative and at the same time useful.

Thanks to the solutions that we present from our companies, both people who use telecommunications individually and companies have access to connections, making the world a smaller and more widely communicated place.

We help build smart cities. We proudly know that millions of caregivers around the world feel connected and part of tomorrow´s society. Smart cities help provide their citizens with greater health, connectivity and independence.

Digital tools and innovative technologies can improve the quality of life for citizens of all ages.

Let's celebrate telecommunication

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