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Why LDT secure cloud interconnect


Carrier grade connections

Dedicated access

Traffic doesn't traverse internet


Highly optimized latency


Secure and reliable connectivity

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Data connectivity services

LD TeleCom provides its customers with an end-to-end solution for all their Data needs. LD TeleCom owns IRUs in multiple undersea cable systems, providing it with a cost advantage in its integrated Data Offering.

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Point-to-point GB ports

Connectivity - Transport - Network Outsourcing - Infrastructure

Right here, in one place





Secure cloud interconnection

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Secure Cloud Connection Types

LDTeleCom can offer cloud connectivity primarily in two ways

LDTeleCom takes care of the connection to a CSP as well as the connection to customer's site

Customer can manage their cloud connection directly with the CSP and LDTeleCom provides necessary connectivity services such as a direct-connect and transport services

Secure Cloud Interconnect alternatives

Layer 2, using our Ethernet Services

Layer 3, using our IP VPN Services

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