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The Privacy Notice outlines how Provider collects, uses, and shares Personal Data from individual End Users utilizing the administrative web-based platform ("Portal"). It explains the commitment to ensuring privacy protection, potential changes to the Notice, and definitions of terms used.

Scope: It governs security and privacy practices for accessing and using the Portal as a Client or User.

Personal Data Collection: It details the methods of collecting Personal Data, including information provided by users, obtained from third parties, and automatically collected data such as cookies and session recordings.

Data Use: Provider uses Personal Data for various purposes, including providing services, analyzing Portal performance, ensuring security and compliance, and complying with legal requirements.

Data Sharing: Personal Data may be shared with affiliates, third-party processors, professional advisors, and others for specific purposes outlined in the Notice.

Transfers: Personal Data may be transferred internationally, and measures are taken to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Data Protection: Provider employs technical and organizational measures to safeguard Personal Data and responds promptly to any data breaches.

Data Retention: Personal Data is retained for as long as necessary for the provision of services, compliance with legal obligations, and dispute resolution.

Organization-Administered Accounts: Organizations administering the service have their privacy policies, and users are encouraged to contact them for privacy-related queries.

User Rights: Users have rights regarding access, correction, deletion, and complaints about their Personal Data, subject to legal requirements and contractual obligations.

Legal Requests: Provider may disclose Personal Data in response to lawful requests from public authorities or to establish legal rights.

The notice ensures transparency regarding Personal Data processing and user rights, enhancing trust and compliance with privacy regulations.

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