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Cloud connect

Give your customers the ability to connect to the cloud in an easier and more efficient way. 

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Offer a secure and dedicated connection




Google cloud


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Exclusively dedicated connection to your Cloud service 

Cloud Connect is a way to stay connected to the leading cloud service providers and it is possible to guarantee a global reach.

LDTeleCom's Cloud Connect requires a single port to establish a connection to one or more cloud providers. This allows you to optimize the use of the cloud, increasing or decreasing your bandwidth as needed.

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Migrate to Cloud Infrastructure

LDTeleCom offers a cloud-native infrastructure

It is recommended for companies that require a fully reliable transition. Migration to a cloud-native infrastructure takes place in a reliable and secure environment.

Connection is simplified while also being flexible. This provides access for organizations to flexibly master the use of the cloud in a multi-cloud connection.  

Why LDTeleCom Cloud Connect

Using this service the connection is faster and uses less bandwidth

Native infrastructure in a trusted environment 

The information that is collected is stored on the cloud server and offers it as local information (cache) to minimize the exchange of data from the Internet.

Offers global reach

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