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International Traffic Termination
to the Americas and the Caribbean.


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Best partner in
telecom markets

Our presence

Best partner for telecom markets

LDTeleCom runs a large virtual network with over 100 affiliates, serving 3,500+ customers. Our network, with key PoPs in Central and South America and the USA, ensures robust telecom services across the Americas.

Privately owned &
a reliable partner

LDTeleCom sustains local offices and pursues global partnerships to broaden service offerings. As a private telecom carrier, we are dedicated to providing top-tier telecommunications worldwide, utilizing these partnerships for innovative client solutions.

International presence

LD Telecom operates across the USA, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, and more, delivering customized telecom solutions and superior service to meet diverse client needs globally.

We’re a well-known
telecom company since 1999

LDTeleCom has been operating in the telecom arena since 1999.

Over the years, LDTeleCom has expanded its offerings to include a wide range of services within the telecom space. Our expertise encompasses VoIP for both prepaid and postpaid calling, calling card services and distribution, as well as Hosted PBX and UCaaS. Additionally, we specialize in Fiber Optic Network construction, design, and maintenance for both wireless and wireline operators. Our focus is on delivering professional, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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Highly professional members are here to serve you

Our Team

Mr. Montero has more than 30 years of experience in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industries, has a successful career in General Management, Commercial and Business Development, entrepreneurship, and start-ups. His experience includes the development of alliances and long-term commercial relationships, strong relationships at the executive level, development of infrastructure projects with investment budgets greater than USD 400MM, and the start of multiple ventures in several Central American countries. Founder, President and General Manager of RSL Telecom (Panamá), S.A. since 2000, a member company of the Cable Submarino Maya-1 Consortium, until its acquisition by the UFINET Group in 2016. He continued to lead the merger with UFINET and head the RSL operation until 2019, also developing investment processes in infrastructure and submarine cables with coverage in multiple Latin American countries. Founder and president of Red de Comunicaciones, S.A. (REDCOMSA), a company dedicated to consulting on telecommunications infrastructure projects, supporting global operators such as Sprint, AT&T, Millicom, among others, in integration projects and new submarine cables. He is also representing firms such as Phoenix Towers International in the acquisition of infrastructure for mobile operations. He is currently President of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Infocommunication and Technologies (INFOCOM) of Costa Rica, which groups more than 50 telecommunication operators. Former Treasurer for more than 10 years and coordinated the Executive Committee for more than 8 years. He represents INFOCOM before the Telecommunications, Innovation and Digitization Commission (TID) of the Costa Rican Union of Chambers and Associations of the Private Business Sector (UCCAEP). He also represents UCCAEP as a proprietary member of the Costa Rican Social Economic Consultative Council (CCES). In his capacity as Director of Business Development for the LDTeleCom Group, he has consolidated successful integration projects for multiple local and regional operators, and actively participated in the structuring and development of LDNetworks LLC. He has a degree in Business Administration from the Autonomous University of Central America.

VP Business Development

Mario Montero

Mr. Canto has been with LDTeleCom since May 2000 as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Canto has over 20 years of commercial/corporate banking experience with emphasis in Latin America and US cross-border transactions. Prior to his current commitments with LDTeleCom, Mr. Canto served as a Senior International Corporate Banking Officer with SunTrust Bank with coverage responsibility for Latin American clients. During his tenure as CFO of LDTeleCom, he structured and participated in the divestiture and sale of LDTeleCom’s UCaaS business unit (Nexogy, Inc.). Mr. Canto received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, magna cum laude, from Georgetown University. Mr. Canto also holds a Master of Business Administration, suma cum laude, from the MIT Sloan School of Management, where he was awarded the prestigious W.B.S. Fellowship.

Chief Financial Officer

Juan Carlos Canto

Carlos Lahrssen

Mr. Carlos Lahrssen founded LD TeleCom in March of 1999 and has served as Managing Partner since its inception. Prior to joining LD TeleCom, Mr. Lahrssen served as Senior Business Developer for Technology Applications at StarCom Communications, which was later sold to Globaltron Communications. Mr. Lahrssen has over 23 years of experience in computer and next generation telecommunication’s VoIP Applications including enterprise solutions, carrier products, broadband, and wireless products. At StarCom he architected and managed the development of a wide range of VoIP products. His expertise includes hardware and software management, architecture of high-performance Voice Applications, and design for Global Enterprise Voice Solutions (GEVS), pioneering in 2000 the Network-Based Enhanced Voice service applications for the enterprise. Mr. Lahrssen also served as President of Three Way Investments (TWI), a Real Estate Development company based in Miami, Fl., which was successfully sold in 1998. ​ Mr. Lahrssen Founded nexogy, Inc in 2003, a company owned by LDTeleCom which provided Hosted PBX, Cloud-Based Telephony Services and Hosted Call Center Services. Mr. Lahrssen held the position of CEO until the company was sold in 2020 to a publicly traded telecommunications company. He later cofounded in 2019 by an acquisition of a Fiber Optics Installation, Construction and Maintenance Operator for Tier 1 Carriers in Central and South America. Mr. Lahrssen holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Financial Engineering from Florida International University. Mr. Lahrssen has also completed necessary courses for deployment and management of IP Telephony Gateways, in Redwood City, CA. and Richardson, TX. Mr. Lahrssen has successfully sold and acquired successful telecom companies in different areas of service. Mr. Lahrssen successfully founded Nexogy, Inc in 2003, a CLoud-Based Hosted PBX Service Provider which was later sold in 2020.

VoIP and UCaaS

Irvin Rodríguez

Irvin is a perceptive, results-driven, and focused engineering professional with a proven track record of success. With outstanding expertise in a wide range of technical areas, he has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of LD Telecommunications, Inc. As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at LD Telecommunications, Inc., Irvin brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. His journey with the company began in 2008 when he joined one of the companies under the LDTeleCom umbrella. Over the years, Irvin has grown within the organization, eventually transitioning to LD Telecommunications, Inc. as the CTO. Irvin's contributions to the company are immense. He is responsible for spearheading new deployments, staying ahead of technological trends, managing updates and maintenance, automating processes, and leading the support and technical teams. Under his guidance, LD Telecommunications has successfully implemented cutting-edge solutions, expanded its services, and ensured the highest level of technical expertise. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Irvin strives to strike a balance between incorporating the latest technologies and maintaining cost-effectiveness for LD Telecommunications' customers. His dedication to finding innovative solutions has allowed the company to thrive in a highly competitive industry. Irvin's exceptional leadership skills and technical acumen have positioned him as a key figure within the organization. His ability to coordinate data centers, networking operations, and support departments demonstrates his comprehensive understanding of the company's technological landscape. Throughout his career, Irvin has garnered extensive experience in managing diverse aspects of LD Telecommunications' operations, including new implementations, system updates, infrastructure maintenance, and coordination with partners and providers. His unwavering commitment to excellence and staying abreast of technological advancements has solidified LD Telecommunications' position as an industry leader.

Chief Technology Officer

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