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Why public WiFi is not secure

The temptation to connect to public wifi seems unavoidable. Many people take advantage of open networks to use internet connections. However, this can be detrimental to the data you store and your security.

Many scams and identity theft are committed because users connect to public networks without any foresight. That's why today we explain the reasons why you should not connect to public wifi. This is of interest to you!

Your data might be intercepted

Perhaps one of the things that puts your data most at risk is connecting to public wifi. They can even access your devices just by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Specialists recommend that if you must inevitably make use of a public network, you should do so through a VPN.

Virtual private networks encrypt information and protect it. If you do it from the conventional IP address you can expose yourself to having your passwords, credit cards, and important personal information stolen.

The network may be a false connection

When we see an open or public network the first reaction we have is to want to connect. Without knowing that many of them are false connections created to access our devices.

The connection is like opening a door, even if no one is knocking. You leave all your information exposed and can fall victim to scammers without even being able to notice.

You can disclose your location

Another security concern is location disclosure. By accessing a public wifi network you can reveal your location. If they can already see your personal information if they know where you are, it can make it even more dangerous to your security.

One form of protection you can use is to disable devices that can connect to your location. This is to deny access to applications such as Google Maps and others to know where you are.

Getting a network virus

Some hackers may use public and open networks to experiment with viruses so lethal that they travel over a wifi connection. Many times we are unknowingly leaving the way open to these types of programs.

Viruses are not only programmed to access your files, damage them or steal information, but they can also be so aggressive that they completely damage your devices.

Recommendations when connecting to a public wifi connection

If you have no other choice and must connect to a public network, here are some recommendations that can help protect your devices:

  • Do not open any recommended links that ask for personal information: this may be in the form of a pop-up window and may be a simple form for personal information.

  • Make sure you close everything when you are done: when using the public network, make sure you do not leave any applications or browser windows open. Some hackers can use any means to stay inside the devices.

  • Do not activate the camera: it is likely that if you do so you will leave the space open so that you can be spied on through it without your consent.

  • Do not access any banking app: the risk is high of exposing your bank details. Consequently, they can extract money from your bank accounts without you being able to do anything about it.

It often becomes a habit that we access any connection to stay online. But, these tips can help us protect ourselves when others want to steal our data and information.

The risks when surfing on these types of connections will always be present, but you can take measures to help you stay safe. And you, what other risks do you know of? Have you ever been a victim of information theft? Better keep your accounts secure. Avoid public connections whenever possible.

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