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What is Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics is used to send information through pulses of light. This is accomplished by plastic or glass fiber in the form of strands. Fiber optics allow this to be possible over both long and short distances.

Fiber optic cables are as thin as human hair, but one is not enough. Like a hair, a combination of fiber optic cables is needed to generate the transmission. This type of transmission is through light that is guided from one side to the other and offers minimal loss at an astonishing speed.

So, just as with a single hair it is not possible to make a hairstyle, to make this data transmission work requires a set of fiber optic cables. The greater the number, the greater the capacity in terms of transmission time, the amount of data transmitted, and the total distance traveled.

A fiber optic cable is made up of hundreds of strands inside a plastic sheath.

What is transmitted by this type of connection?

So you may be wondering what data is transmitted by fiber optics. Thanks to fiber installations, telephony, internet and cable TV services are offered to both homes and businesses.

Benefits of fiber optics

Fiber optics offer many benefits, among them, we can mention the following:

- Faster data transmission

- Minimal losses

- Data transfer over long distances

- Magnetic interference is not a problem for fiber optics.

- It offers greater safety for personnel handling it since it does not transmit electricity.

- Extremely fast downloads and uploads

- Weather conditions do not affect data transmission over fiber optics.

What are we talking about when a fiber optic network is mentioned?

While there are different options when it comes to fiber-optic connection, they all involve fiber optic cables. They go a long way from the hub to the entrance closest to the home's entry point. And in many cases, they also enter the home directly.

These networks can be either FTTH or FTTP. The former is the fiber optic connection that extends to the home and the latter to the premises.

But there are also hybrid connections such as FTTC and it is the connection that reaches the door of the house by optical fiber and from there with copper to the inside of the houses, the same with the FTTB connection that is also very similar to the above mentioned but for buildings.

The benefits of fiber optics are really outstanding since there is no one who can improve so far the benefits offered by this type of connection. Even hybrid connections are better than those without any type of fiber optic rag.

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