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What is Cloud Connect and what are the features of this service?

Cloud services are trending today and are used by major companies such as Microsoft and Apple. They also provide some dedicated elements in their cloud, so that other organizations can run their processes on this platform for a small fee.

One of these elements is Cloud Connect, which allows, through a virtual connection, access to company applications and data located in an external cloud. It has several benefits, both economic, performance and even accessibility for different users within the organization.

What is Cloud Connect?

Cloud Connect is a service that consists of the virtualization of a server desktop, whether in Windows, Linux or any other operating system. Through different equipment, it allows users to connect immediately and securely, providing access to systems at all times.

There are 2 key elements for the implementation of Cloud Connect, first the VMware, which performs the digitization of the server. On the other hand there is the Citrix which is the desktop that is delivered to the client to manage all the services it needs.

Cloud Connect Features

There are many features or benefits that Cloud Connect services have, we will give you the main ones now.

Depending on the type of service, volume of data the user handles, the applications they use and the number of users they manage, they can acquire different types of unique connection bandwidths. Figures can range from 50 mbps to 10 gbps, enabling fast connections.

High Security

Connections in cloud services are private, so you don't have to worry about network attacks. This includes denial of service, multiple connections, network hijacking or data hijacking. The data is encrypted, so you will not be able to steal it in any way, securing the information.

It also has several security measures for the availability of information. Not only against hackers, but also against elements that can affect the service, whether it is the fall of the cloud or loss of connection to it. Usually companies have other secondary clouds, with the applications and information of the company, which are backed up regularly, without affecting the performance of the entire platform.

Always-on monitoring system

The analysts of the companies that offer the service are always monitoring its performance. With this they can determine when there is a failure and change the network or take some action, so that the service is available in spite of everything. In addition, they are on the lookout for any contact from the client for reports of failures and can solve them.


Unlike other cloud connections that use shared bandwidth, Cloud Connect uses a dedicated system. This means that the entire connection bandwidth is used by the company and must not be shared with other organizations. The advantage of this is that the system does not lose speed or other performance characteristics due to data overload caused by other users.

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