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Smart Spaces

In different and varied work environments, adaptations to the smart world are seen every day. The benefits are varied. It means greater efficiency in the energy used and on the other hand, workspaces become personalized. And this second mentioned is the one that has become commonplace in recent times.

In different countries, regulations are gradually changing and adapting to the technological future with a more eco-friendly approach. The strategic focus is on sovereignty, interoperability and sustainability.

An essential requirement to successfully implement this adaptation is to go digital. More and more school-educational institutions as well as companies around the world are choosing digital development that takes into account the needs of inserting themselves into the world of computing and artificial intelligence.

That said, numerous companies around the world are looking to the future with expectations of modifying existing physical structures to include the necessary digital technologies to promote collaboration among peers and increase efficiency while positively influencing the attitude of workers and students.

What is a Smart Space?

Smart Space is an intelligent space. Better known as a room in which the application of these necessary technologies is taken into account.

So it is no longer something that companies see as something they would like to have, but they see themselves in project of how it is possible to apply the use of technology as part of a company. This gives a look into the future as a guarantee of functionality of the company or educational institute. To be one step ahead and move away from what could soon become obsolete. In this it is good to mention the Internet of Things that would take on a very important role.

What is the role of the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things becomes a very important driver for this model. Since it is the driver of the aforementioned Smart Spaces. In this environment the focus is on the individual and offers an intuitive and totally new experience.

Then the Internet of Things takes on the role of assisting with the needs of the users. The needs are those related to cooling, heating and lighting for example. And this over time generates a database that makes the system a more predictive one that adapts to each particular user. And thanks to this, if a company's staff is transferred to another office, a pleasant environment can be automatically generated according to the previously stored information. And this makes the individual feel at home - or at least like in their old office - a cozzy space.

Taking this into consideration some may feel invaded or that they have lost privacy, but it is actually a great advancement of technology and can be very pleasant if we let it positively support the changes in our lives.

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