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Shared and Dedicated Connection Which is the best option for you?

When installing a fiber optic internet service there are 2 types of connections available. The first and most used is the shared connection that uses a single connection point for a sector. This implies that it shares the bandwidth among all the connected users.

In the case of a dedicated connection, the connection point is exclusively yours, being able to obtain all the bandwidth provided by the company that distributes the internet signal. This avoids phenomena such as network latency, which causes information to load more slowly.

What is the best choice between a shared and dedicated connection?

The answer will depend on several factors, starting with the use you are going to give to the Internet signal. You also have to consider the economic availability you have at the moment and the long-term capital income. Now we will see situations where each type of connection is convenient.

When to install dedicated internet connections

This is advisable for companies or commercial activities that demand a large amount of data. For example, for companies that manage cloud systems and have to upload a large amount of data, a dedicated connection is convenient. Since they will be able to take full advantage of the bandwidth and not decrease performance due to network collapse.

It is also advisable to digital activities that have a high and constant data flow. This is the case of cryptocurrency mining, which always requires maintaining a stable bandwidth for the connection between ASCII devices and the Blockchain of the cryptographic asset.

Another quite common example are for gamers, who play data-intensive titles under online mode. In these cases a dedicated connection is recommended, so that the game can run without hanging. This becomes even more important if the gamer uses the game resources to obtain economic benefits in the real world.

As you can detail the dedicated connection is recommended when you are going to use it for an economic activity that can justify the expense. Because this type of internet is more expensive than its similar shared one, due to the fact that you occupy all the bandwidth of the connection point.

Times to use a shared connection

This is ideal for homes, where the demand for data is not so much, connecting to emails, Whatsapp, creating documents, doing educational research, among others. Usually the data flow is much lower than in the examples given above.

It is also recommended in small businesses that do not handle a lot of information and whose budget is not tight for a dedicated connection at that time. These can be a small law firm, branches of a centralized organization, among others.

Whether you are looking for a dedicated or shared connection, it is recommended that you evaluate the bandwidth as well. Consider the number of computers that will be surfing the Internet and how often they will be using it.

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