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Reasons to switch accounting management to Cloud Connect services

It is common that companies to implement systems on local servers and even excel sheets to keep track of company transactions. This practice is obsolete and disadvantageous, because it does not provide much accessibility to the data, making it impossible to make decisions.

For this reason, a recommendable idea is to incorporate accounting systems that work in the cloud through Cloud Connect. With this you will be able to keep your accounting and know the state of your finances at any time and be able to make decisions that can improve the operation of the company.

Accounting processes already configured

Accounting systems in Cloud Connect already have the accounting processes and calculations configured. Therefore, you only need to enter the configuration data involving the tax percentages for your region and other details for it to perform the operations and display the resulting values.

This helps accountants to keep books and balances more quickly, allowing them to spend their time on other productive activities in the company. Whether it is the collection of outstanding accounts, issuing payments for services or amounts to be paid, among other functionalities.

Management of outstanding debts

Regarding the debts that your clients have with you, their management is usually complicated, whether they are kept in traditional accounting books or in excel spreadsheets. Therefore, the accounting systems in Cloud Connect allow you to show the debts in a clear way, allowing you to manage the respective collections.

Payment order payment management

Cloud Connect services on the accounting side allow the generation of purchase orders for office supplies, raw materials for sale, application of procedures or for the production of goods. These systems allow you to organize the payments of the various orders to keep up to date with suppliers.

It can also allow you to create bids on each item and determine which is the best option, depending on the purchase options provided by each supplier. An important element is that it allows you to configure each promotion you receive before bidding on the item.

Information Access

Knowing the company's data, especially accounting data, is a priority when making a decision about the company's destiny. This implies knowing the balance of profits and losses, amount of sales, funds available for investments, outstanding debts and other economic data.

The accounting system services in Cloud Connect keep all the data described above updated in real time. So you can access it whenever you want and determine if the course you are on is the right one.

Technical service and support

Cloud Connect has the global advantage that they constantly back up the information to avoid strong losses of information of their clients. This is vital for the accounting part, which must always have the books, before the visit of collecting agencies.

Likewise, it will allow you to recover the log or data of upcoming operations and continue with your daily operations without losing the order of these

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