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Is satellite internet connection recommended?

Satellite internet connection is one of the most widely used methods to obtain fast internet that allows for high-speed data transmission, including streaming platforms such as Netflix or Steam.

There are many cases where this type of connection is convenient and even necessary, depending on the infrastructure of your place of residence. Now let's look at the cases where installing a satellite internet connection is recommended and its advantages.

Where a satellite internet connection is convenient:

Satellite internet is convenient in areas where it is difficult to access both fiber optic cables and telephone lines. Since it uses satellite communication, it does not require significant installations in the locality or nearby access points to your place of residence.

This makes this type of connection usable worldwide, including in maritime and airborne transportation vehicles. In fact, Elon Musk has started launching a project for this type of internet for heavy vehicles.

The most common areas where this technology or connection is installed are rural areas, due to the limited transmission infrastructure available in these regions.

Advantages of satellite connections

The main advantage of a satellite connection is its portability. You only need to have a receiving antenna and a router to distribute the signal in your environment. You can move and take the equipment with you to connect in your new place of residence. You just need to inform the service provider to configure the equipment for the new address.

Another advantage is the low maintenance required for operation. Unlike wired systems, such as fiber optic or telephone cables, which require maintenance, cable replacements, repeater equipment changes, and other procedures that may interrupt your internet connection for a period of time.

Lastly, satellite connections maintain high speeds for in-home connectivity. These speeds can range from 2 Mbps to 20 Mbps, allowing you to connect and perform all necessary tasks, including playing bandwidth-intensive online games.

Disadvantages of satellite connections

Despite the significant advantages of satellite connections, they also have some weaknesses. The first is network latency, which refers to packet loss during data transmission due to the conditions of the medium through which the data flows, namely the air.

It is worth noting that the connection can significantly weaken if the environment is prone to static electricity or humidity. Therefore, it is not recommended in areas with high levels of precipitation, as it can significantly affect the quality of the connection.

While the transfer speed is good, as mentioned earlier, satellite connections are generally slower compared to other available options in the market. For example, fiber optic connections can reach speeds of up to 1 Gbps, while wired telephone connections can reach speeds of up to 37 Mbps.

In conclusion, we can note that satellite connections are recommended for environments with limited accessibility to internet services and for individuals who frequently change their place of residence.

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