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Guide to setup a Cloud Connect service

If you find that setting up Cloud Connect services is too difficult, we will help you with this ultimate guide. You will find it quite simple to set up Cloud Connect on your devices or equipment to improve your company's procedures after reading this guide.

The steps we will show you may vary in some cases, due to additional procedures included in some companies, but in general it is the usual path to follow to obtain this service.

Steps to setup Cloud Connect

At this point we are going to share with you the steps to connect the Cloud Connect service on a computer with a windows operating system, either from a server or from a regular computer.

Check the requirements to install a Cloud Connect system

Before starting with the installation, it is recommended that you check that the computer has the characteristics to be able to run this service. The specifications that you should verify in the equipment are the following:

  • Memory: At least 1GB of memory is required to run the application. However, it is recommended to have between 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM, so that the processes run without problems.

  • Hard disk space: These systems do not require so much space, only 1 GB of available space, although it is recommended that you have one of 512 GB to be able to have amplitude to store some documents issued by the system. We also recommend that these systems are SD, to avoid damage or slowness when loading information.

  • Processor: At this point it is recommended a dual core processor of 4ghZ in advance, although the minimum required is 3Ghz of a single core.

  • Operating system: As far as Windows is concerned, 64-bit versions of Window 7 and upwards are required in normal equipment. For servers, Windows Server 2008 is required.

  • Additional Windows packages to download: Other libraries are required for the application to work, such as Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010. You must also download the version of JDK compatible with your operating system.

Software Connection Settings

When you determine that your computer is ready to start the installation, you must download the software that manages the Cloud Connector services. These can be found through your service management company.

Once downloaded, you must run it and begin the configuration process. In most cases you will be asked to set the Java variable, which we recommend using the standard "JAVA_HOME".

Afterwards, the guide will continue asking you for the folder where the program will be saved, the connection port to Cloud Connect, which appears by default on the screen. In many cases they use 8443, although it is preferable to check with the organization that offers this service.

Afterwards, the system will continue until the installation is complete and you will have to close the Setup.

Additional Settings

When installing the service, enter the address https://localhost:8443 to access the application. There you will be able to enter your access data and start configuring other values such as proxy access data, change of passwords, application language, among other things.

Then you can start using the services offered by Cloud Connect and configure the processes in each one of them individually.

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