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Features of computer network

To travel with a means of transportation that takes you from one place to another you would probably need a physical structure, bridges, tunnels, and roads in the right directions would be part of these necessary elements. When we refer to the role of a telecommunications infrastructure it is possible to mention that it is the physical medium in which the online exchange of information takes place.

The telecommunications infrastructure can be composed of cables, satellites, telephone wires, submarine cables, and mobile technology, it can also be incorporated into wireless networks, with means of connection in the form of drones and internet balloons. In this sense, a device communicates by means of data packets that are routed through the entire physical network until they reach the destination server.

Nowadays it is quite important to have dynamic communication on a reliable basis, for this purpose it is necessary to have a secure telecommunications infrastructure. Based on this assumption, communication between people locally or between countries can allow a better connection experience.

Telecommunications infrastructure can connect people in different cities, countries and continents. Technological innovation in the field of telecommunications is also quite dynamic; changes in the technology with which physical media operate can occur continuously and progressively.

Fixed network or fixed line

When someone or something refers to a fixed network or fixed line, they are referring to the wired networks used in the telecommunications infrastructure. This is normally a connection that is linked by a wiring system, and based on this, allows users of the service to connect to the Internet, or simply make phone calls. The cables that make up the system can be made of copper, and with some novelty, optical fiber is used for the connections of this physical network structure.

It is important to take into account that while there is greater assimilation of technological advances in the field of telecommunications, fixed networks do not have a leading role, but remain an important part of the system of physical links that make possible the connections between users.

Physical links in wireless connection systems

As is well known, the wireless network system does not use the wired system. Basically, the dynamic that occurs in a wireless network consists of sending and receiving information by means of electromagnetic frequencies.

Although this type of telecommunication allows users to communicate by means of their electronic devices, it requires a telecommunications infrastructure for its operation. The physical infrastructure may consist of antenna arrays, telecommunication towers, telecommunication masts and power facilities.

In communications by means of light pulses

Through fiber-optic networks, information can be transmitted by means of the use of some light pulses of previous codification, the codified information is transmitted by means of light signals making use of its physical component or the optical fiber.

This way of transmitting information allows the dynamics of telecommunication to be light and secure.

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