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Data protection via DDoS

For some time now, online stores and websites as well as operators of commercial portals have been exposed to attacks. Time and again, the media report millions of data records captured as a result of an unexpected attack. In addition, massive damage to the various operators is also reported. This results in a massive loss of customer confidence. Their personal data is put at risk after a successful attack by cybercriminals. Even when the attackers have managed to leak for a few minutes they can steal a large amount of customer data.

There are a large number of possibilities for attackers. But as long as companies are well protected, they can remain unnoticed and not be easy bait for criminals. In recent years, a completely new type of attack has become established in addition to conventional hacker attacks. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks bring infrastructures to a complete standstill through deliberate overloading.

Loss of revenue, traffic costs, and business downtime are the consequences. Attacks usually occur in waves: as soon as you are back online, a new attack begins. And large companies are almost always online, if not 24 hours a day, most of the day.

With the security concept offered by LDTelecom, the merchant's website will be able to offer itself as a really secure site. And as a merchant, you can rest assured that your data and that of your customer base will not be stolen.

We simply manage to detect and stop attacks. You can also review the summary of both good and bad traffic and as if that were not enough. The most important thing to note is that DDDoS Shield works in all companies and all over the world.

Why choose DDoS protection?

Many companies decide to minimize costs and do not believe it is crucial to incorporate DDoS protection. While it sounds tempting to forego effective protection to save costs and effort, a targeted attack can quickly threaten the existence of your entire company. The effects of restricted availability in online stores or service portals are obvious: the range certainly extends from annoyed customers and lost sales to the strengthening of your own competition.

It is advisable to perform an individual analysis of the threat situation and the protection needs of a company and to implement an appropriate security concept from the areas of firewall, application firewall, intrusion prevention and DDoS protection. The specific need for protection depends on the likelihood of an attack and the amount of damage to be expected.

DDoS attacks, for example, can be ordered on the Darknet for as little as a few hundred dollars. Sometimes companies also use this opportunity to secure an advantage over their competitors.

In general, it should always be kept in mind that the number of attacks increased a lot in the last two years and continues to increase. So being prepared for such attacks is more than necessary.

It is obvious what consequences an attack can have on your company and why it is mandatory to have the right defenses in place:

The website or store is offline Customers can no longer access services or place orders.

Files and applications in the cloud can no longer be accessed, workflow collapses.

The mail server is down and email communication is not possible. Important information is not transmitted.

IP phones refuse to work and your company can no longer be reached from the outside.

Having highlighted the essential reasons to be well protected we hope you will become aware and choose what is best for your company and your customers.

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