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Cloud Connect an alternative combining IaaS and Daas

Companies are slowly starting to apply Cloud Connect to streamline their digital processes and ensure their operation. These involve a series of elements that ensure their operation despite different types of disasters that may affect the physical and even digital part of the organization.

As for the Daas functionalities of Cloud Connect, they have several options that allow the IT team to implement and perform backups of the multiple applications available to the company. This without altering in any way, the codes that integrate this program. On the other hand, the resources it has in the network connections allow instantaneous and global access.

Cloud Connect Iaas

This platform allows you to configure the data transfer speed of the network, obtaining unlimited possibilities and capabilities. To do this you must access in its main panel as administrator that is executed by VMware vCloud Director. This tool facilitates the deployment of the company's files, applications and files on the digital desktop.

Cloud Connect Iaas quality has the following advantages:

  • Unlimited bandwidth: You can have a large bandwidth that is considered unlimited. In addition you can get a 10 Gbps Ethernet backbone network.

  • Low acquisition costs: Getting this service is low priced, yet constant. You can pay a monthly fee to get the service, as well as monitoring and servicing of the service.

  • Easy administration: Cloud Connect's administration desktop allows you to organize both resources and data and the ways in which they are stored on the digital server.

  • Data protection and replication: You can develop storage and backup policies to preserve information. Data and applications are stored in several secondary points to ensure their operation.

Cloud Connect Daas

It is a technology that consists of a panel or virtual desktop that has an operating system quite similar to Windows. This application allows access to the elements of this digital server, upload files, access them, implement the applications that the company has.

To make it work, you must first install on the digital server the applications related to the business. In addition, you can use tools provided by Microsoft for certain functions. To use all these applications, you just have to log in, using the access data that they will give you.

A tool that combines speed with accessibility and security

Cloud Connect is a platform that allows users to access through their devices that connect to the cloud. Because of this feature you can access from anywhere on the globe, although it has different security measures to validate that you are who you say you are.

Among the security measures are the encryption of the information, as well as the backup of the data in different storage sources, to preserve the organization's data. It also has several elements that protect the network from external attacks, whether from hackers or other entities.

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