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Between the digital and the physical world

During the pandemic, many new challenges have arisen for all types of industry. Among them, the cloud has had to adapt its regulations to this installed normality that is here to stay.

Even after the pandemic was over, we could say that many of the changes that we had to forcefully adapt to have become established as the standard. But in the case of many manufacturing companies it was necessary to reduce the percentage of production due to the drop in demand for certain products.

In the midst of this so-called crisis, digitalization and automation have become more important for companies, and these technologies are still on the rise today. They are even becoming more important as companies plan their new digital strategies.

What have companies done to regain control between the digital and physical world?

Companies require resilient networks, digitally connected employees and smart, interconnected products to realign production, reduce costs and bring new offerings to market faster. That's why internet connectivity needs to be reliable, so that companies have connectivity for as long as possible.

As many physical businesses have gone percent or even 100 percent digital, internet connectivity is indispensable for these companies to continue working.

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous. Companies consider it synonymous with reliability, resilience and security. But let's start at the beginning: our global economy has been characterized by decentralized supply chains to achieve the lowest production costs. So people tried to set up production centers in places where raw materials or labor, or both, were plentiful, which increased logistics costs but significantly reduced local costs.

What was the biggest obstacle that had to be faced in the pandemic?

At the onset of the pandemic, many businesses were forced to close. Only those that already had a digital store option were left operating. However, those companies that were able to quickly transfer their format to a digital structure also joined the race.

So the first obstacle between the digital and the physical world was the transition from one to the other. But those who managed to maintain a structure were able to survive despite the obstacles.

Today, in the global era, more than ever, the economy needs to take advantage of the technologies offered by companies related to the digital industry. This is also why engineering organizations are effectively in the midst of a constant paradigm shift.

What aspects should be taken into account to be prepared as a company for any time of uncertainty?

If you work from a physical business, it is necessary to think about how to adapt and develop the option of digital products and services. Above all, in this race against technology what wins is adaptability to take advantage of global market opportunities.

In addition, it is recommended to have procedures and organization that can be adaptable: flexibility of engineering resources and frugal engineering approaches.

It is very important to be part of the new pro-earth movement. Then have a program of eco-innovations and apply if possible the circular economy.

First and foremost what we are trying to do is to move forward regardless of what fate has in store for us. After the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not know what we will have to face.

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