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4 Tips to make the most of A2P SMS

A2P application to person SMS are the messages with which large companies are gaining space within the world's cell phones. Through this type of messaging, it is possible to successfully carry out various campaigns, whether promotional, reminder or informative. As the use of A2P SMS is increasing, it is best to know how to get the most out of this type of messages.

1. A growing system. Use it!

It is already well known that common SMS have had a decline in the international market. A2P SMS, however, is one of the forms of communication that has attracted the most customers in the last five years. Although it is a generally one-way type of communication, its importance has become relevant for day-to-day operations, providing protection and security in digital life.

This form of message is generated through some software or platform that is in charge of processing the information with agility, being able to have a great reach. Therefore, it is important that business camps, public administration and companies that want to stimulate their marketing, make common use of A2P SMS.

The use of A2P messaging is becoming easier and easier to implement. More and more api and websites are being developed to provide A2P messaging solutions.

2. Choose a reliable and expert A2P SMS company

As the use of A2P SMS has been increasing, so has the market and the companies offering the service. However, not all of them have the logistical capacity and efficiency to handle A2P SMS.

Our company LD TELECOM offers complete packages with market research for cost savings, communication channels that allow two-person interaction, as well as confirmation of reading and monitoring of campaigns through statistics, but this is not done by all companies.

Often lower prices are offered for the service without taking into account the quality of the software being provided. Likewise, sometimes solutions are sold only for national traffic and the international scope is left unattended. To cover a good execution of A2P SMS, it is important to have a reliable company. Companies that are in constant renovation, since A2P SMS are in constant development, and new functions are added in an extraordinary way according to the servers used..

3. Understand how each type of message works to choose the right one

Within A2P SMS, not all messages are executed in the same way. Since, according to the customer's need, each type of message will be provided..

There are 3 different types of messages:

- Marketing communication: these are generally messages that communicate company promotions and discounts.

- Over the top (OTT): this message is generated quickly and automatically, after the customer has performed some kind of operation. Whether it is a password change, a mobile recharge, among others.

- One time password (OTP): as the name suggests, this message becomes a unique code. It is generally used to provide step-by-step verification when making transactions or confirming operations.

4. Regular renewal and innovation

Artificial intelligence has been a determining factor in the development of this type of communication, focused on immediate customer service and response. And people as subjects capable of massively joining the reception of information, whether they are private or public marketing campaigns, the potential is increasing.

Keeping this in mind, guarantees a correct updating of the channels. This allows us to be at the forefront of the A2P SMS market.

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