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Trusted by hundred of companies


Empowering Connectivity and Collaboration for the Digital Future

Established in April 1999, LDTelecom was forged with a strategic vision to seize the burgeoning prospects emerging within the dynamic telecom industry

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Best-in-class voice & data for commercial and personal.


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Welcome to LDTeleCom

Empowering Connectivity and Security for the Digital Era

Our Story

LDTeleCom is a global telecom carrier operating in the USA, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Perú, Costa Rica, and Spain. As a pioneer in the industry, we seize the immense growth opportunities in Latin America, the fastest-growing region in telecommunications.

Our comprehensive services include underwater fiber optic data port connections, Wholesale Data and Voice, SMS Security, Cloud Connectivity to major Cloud Service Providers, and robust DDoS protection. We provide reliable, high-speed fiber data connectivity for seamless communication and collaboration for Tier 1 telecom operators.

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LD Telecom, a renowned telecom carrier, has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to expanding its global partnerships. With a keen focus on enhancing service offerings and extending its reach, LD Telecom has successfully forged strategic alliances across the world, bolstering its position as a leading provider in the industry.

Expanding Global Partnerships to Enhance Service Offering


LDTeleCom offers a secure and dedicated connection:  ​

Oracle, IBM, Azure, Google CLoud and AWS

Our network

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Partners & Customers

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We are here to deliver solutions to your mission-critical telecom needs.

Tell us what you are hoping to accomplish with us and how we can help modernize the way your organization works.

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