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LDTeleCom has operations in the USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Perú, Costa Rica and Spain. 

Latin America represents the smallest yet fastest growing global region in overall telecommunications services, and this holds true for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as well.

At a global level, IP telephony is one of the fastest growing segments in telecommunications. In 1999, IDC expected the global IP telephony market to grow from 2.7 billion minutes in 1999 to 135 billion in 2004, at a CAGR of 199 percent1. This figure does not include domestic long distance outside of the USA.

In Latin America, IP telephony is estimated to grow from 184 million minutes of use in 1999 to over 45 billion in 2005 including international and domestic long distance2. Industry privatization and deregulation are fueling the growth of telecommunication services in the region.

As it stands, domestic long distance in Latin America will represent about 75% of the IP telephony traffic with over 33 billion minutes in 20053. After 2001, new services such as conferencing, voice-enabled eCommerce and enhanced messaging services are expected to emerge as important market segments with a critical mass of users4.


Wholesale Voice and Data Services

LD Telecom has aggressively pursued partnerships around the world increasing its service offering and reach.

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A little bit of Company History

LDTeleCom was founded in April 1999 with the intention of capitalizing on the opportunities arising in the telecom sector in Latin America as a result of deregulation and technology advances.

With the idea of providing a superior telephony service to under-served markets, the company initially focused on one specific under-served market – Venezuela.


During the course of the following year, LDTeleCom created a virtual communication network that reaches over 200 countries through a network of over 100 termination affiliates and partners, signed over 3,500 customers and became licensed in three countries.

The Company currently operates points of presence (POPs) in USA, Venezuela, Perú, Brazil and Spain, where the company has its principal investments in IP gateways.


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