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LD Telecom is an International A2P SMS Hub Aggregator.  Through its interconnection agreements, LD TeleCom also provides A2P SMS termination into the markets where it operates.  Its competitive SMS interconnection agreements with Mobile Operators allow it to provide competitively priced and direct Short Code routes to its client base.  Our offering provides the highest standards of quality, fast, and reliable, delivery ensures that our customers connect with their customers worldwide .



  Direct to Operator Termination


  • Two-Way SMS

  • Short Number Availability

  • Message Encoding

  • Concatenation

  • Delivery Reports

  • Real-time Testing Tools














 Our Strategic Approach

  • Work with MNO to analyze the current cost base in order to project potential cost savings

  • Implement cost-saving for key outbound markets to achieve significant percentage cost base reductions

  • Insight on successful retail  promotions used by affiliates to arrest decline in traffic

  • Work with MNO to successfully implement retail promotions and provide ongoing analysis of promotion and track impact

  • Empower MNO employees by running regular workshops and seminars

  • LDTeleCom's objective is to provide MNO employees with the tools they require to manage a successful international A2P operation

   Our Solution

  • SMS Firewall Deployment, an important tool to protect the network and stop the fraud

  • Improve commercial agreements: review bilaterals, mutual forgiveness routes, P2P traffic, pricing, etc.

  • Analytics: once a network is protected, an analytic tool should provide enough info to define a better monetization strategy

  • Constant monitoring: penetration tests and market monitoring is vital to keep network security


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A2P, or application-to-person messaging, refers to any kind of SMS traffic in which a person is receiving messages from an application (Facebook, MS365). A2P messaging typically includes marketing messages, appointment reminders, chatbots or virtual assistants, notifications, and one-time passwords or two-step verification.

     A2P Monetization

Mobile Network Operators’ (MNO) business rely mainly on data, voice, and SMS.

International Inbound A2P SMS is usually neglected which is strange, considering the fast pace of the global A2P SMS messaging market growth: from $12 billion in 2017 to $27 billion in 2022.

With revenue lost to gray international routes costing the A2P messaging industry $6 billion in 2018, more and more Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are deploying SMS Firewall Solutions.

The problem is that merely installing an SMS Firewall is not enough to close revenue leaks as MNOs continue to struggle with fully taking control over international A2P traffic. This may be due to:

  • Incomplete awareness of businesses generating A2P traffic

  • Inability to monitor all the services and how they are currently delivering traffic

  • Lack of direct connections to businesses who are generating A2P traffic

  • Lack of an integrated team and effective procedures

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                                                           Technical Approach

  • Implementation of best in class SMS Firewall platform to block illegal termination and SMS Fraud

 - Fully compliant to GSMA IR.70 and IR.71

 - Covering all cases listed by MEF’s Mobile Messaging Fraud Framework 

 - Controlling 100% of SMS traffic (national, international, P2P, A2P), including traffic  terminated via other carriers

  • SMS Firewall management done by LD  Telecom / Cellusys

- Rules definition and improvement

- Traffic monitoring

  • Regular Network penetration tests


 - LD Telecom to constantly test MNO’s network to guarantee that no leakages are experienced

- Constant market monitoring to improve network value

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