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Data connectivity



  Secure Cloud Connection Types

LDTeleCom can offer cloud connectivity primarily in two ways:

  • LDTeleCom takes care of the connection to a CSP as well as the connection to customer's site

  • Customer can manage their cloud connection directly with the CSP and LDTeleCom provides necessary connectivity services such as a direct-connect and transport services

  Secure Cloud Interconnect alternatives:

  • Layer 2, using our Ethernet Services

  • Layer 3, using our IP VPN Services


LD TeleCom provides its customers with an end-to-end solution for all their Data needs.  LD TeleCom owns IRUs in multiple undersea cable systems, providing it with a cost advantage in its integrated Data Offering.  Below are some Data services provided by LD TeleCom:

  Point-to-Point Gb Ports

  • Connectivity

  • Transport 

  • Network Outsourcing

  • Infrastructure


  Secure Cloud Interconnection


LDTeleCom's Secure Cloud Interconnect lets you easily and effectively connect to a global ecosystem of public Cloud Service Providers and Applications:

  • 72 active Secure Cloud Interconnect locations in 11 countries with 9 Cloud Providers*

  • Interconnect multiple providers wit pre-provisioned access to cloud resources as needed

  • Usage--Based and Data-Plan pricing options

  • Premium Performance with QoS

  • Management form a single portal










Why LDTeleCom Secure Cloud Interconnect

  • Carrier Grade Connections

  • Traffic does not traverse the Public Internet

  • Latency Optimized

  • Secure and Reliable Connectivity

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data connctivity
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