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Home automation, the future is here!

Day after day more and more homes are gaining access to a stable internet connection. Many of these have started to use home automation as a solution to the daily functioning of the home. But what is home automation and how does it work, what are these applications used for in the home, is it that futuristic movies were right and we can control everything with a simple click?

What is home automation and how does it work?

Domotics is a compilation of digital applications that allow automating all the operation of objects and spaces within a residence or workspace. The main objective of this is that convenience and comfort become part of everyone's life, with the use of technology at all levels of life.

Home automation works with a known ally, the Smartphone. And it is through this that it is possible to achieve complete automation of small household tasks, such as watering the garden, or turning off the lights when no one is present in a room. The development of new technologies around the home has made home automation to be present in more and more homes.

As part of the premise of smart cities, this becomes a very useful tool for the care of energy, as well as to make fun and relaxation easier and easier.

Everything at home can have a signal

Although it sounds crazy or futuristic series, all objects that are inside a house, building or company, can have internet connection. Or at least this is part of what is proposed in the development plan of home automation, that everybody becomes automated digital function, which can be controlled through electronic devices.

In the case of homes, more and more things are connected to a wifi signal: freezers, blinds, TVs, lights, heaters, closets. They are part of a list that continues to grow to make home automation an indispensable companion.

The transformation of community life is also a fact.

Through the automation of common areas, home automation becomes a way to facilitate coexistence. Tasks such as watering gardens, turning lights on and off, cleaning showcases or large windows can all be programmed and linked to a management system via Smartphone.

The operation and control of gates and security systems are also part of the transformation proposed by home automation. In the common areas of buildings, there are neuralgic points such as receptions where by implementing home automation as a tool, improvements are achieved in the reception of packages, and distribution of receipts or letters, without the need for the resident to be present at the time of reception.

Under construction

Although many are the advances in the field of this technology, there are still many paths to discover. Since the home automation sector is a relatively recent field, it is allowing more and more professionals interested in design and technology to become more and more interested in perfecting and creating new mechanisms to serve the automation of things.

Until now, households have been able to welcome all the proposals that home automation offers them. Feeding pets, controlling music or lights by voice, monitoring homes in general, have made a good impression.

Although many questions are created around, which for now have not been answered, can hackers infiltrate a home, which companies can use this data for their own benefits? These are issues that are still on the list of possible concerns, when implementing home automation. And they will be answered over time.

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